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Marianne Andersén, Denmark

Marianne is the CEO at CoInsights and Nocitech, and former CEO of Robobusiness EU. As an International Business Development Manager she has more than 25 years of Intl experience within the medtech Industry and robotics. She has worked with large global companies as well as several startup companies. She is an advisor for the 3dintegrated, which is developing a computer vision system for laparoscopic robotic surgeries. Marianne made history in robotics by establishing RoboBusiness Europe 2016 in Odense Denmark. The exhibition was a success with 142 sponsors in year one. It brought business for the participating companies and created a strong technology and new business conference program.

Jade LeMaitre, France

Jade is the CTO & Co-Founder of Hease Robotics, national coordinator for EU Robotics Week in France and a Project Manager at Innorobo. With a background in engineering and having conducted a research project about human-robot interaction, Jade found her passion in the science communication sector. Throughout her journey of working in science and robotics for 5 years, Jade teamed up with Max Vallet – who became her co-founder and CEO of Hease Robotics. After creating their team, it took them just 100 days to build a high-quality working prototype of the first robot catering to the retail industry and customer services.

Albert Efimoff, Russia

Albert is a Chief Robotics Visioner at Skolkovo Foundation and a startup baker. Leading Russian startups at the frontier of innovation, he is the key person in Russian innovation politics and a well-known speaker in international robotics and artificial intelligence conferences. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecom industries, and with large business transformation projects. He studies human centered robotics at the London Imperial College.

Ogan Gurel, South Korea

Ogan is a professor in Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology. He is also known as an Innovation Thought Leader, Medical Futurist and a Biomedical & Terahertz Technology Expert. Ogan has wide expertise in healthcare industry, including clinical, business, executive management, marketing and R&D, and with direct experience along several verticals: medical devices, mobile health, healthcare IT, medical imaging, and pharmaceuticals. His scientific research focuses on structural biology, specifically protein electrodynamics and terahertz medicine. His computer science interests include work on microprocessor software development systems, followed by robot programming systems work.

Monique van der Linde, Netherlands

Monique is a Robot Implementation Specialist and owner of Opinar. Monique supports organizations who want to use robot technology in a successful way: “Optimal use of a robot by a qualified user that feels comfortable using it.” She has case experience in implementing social robots, a background in implementing software systems and a practical approach to robotics

Christina Andersson, Finland

Cristina Andersson is a robotics evangelist, founder of Robotics Finland and Robotics Week in Finland. Currently she is a consultant and coordinator for national Artificial intelligence and Robotics (AiRo) strategic program of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Finland. Cristina is a Member of the Board of Etteplan, a public company specialsed in industrial equipment engineering, embedded systems and IoT and technical documentation solutions and services. Cristina is a highly regarded keynote speaker, author, singer and a winning coach.

Christina Forsgård, Finland

Christina the founder of globally awarded technology focused marketing communications and PR agency Netprofile Finland, a Finnish business influencer, a startup coach at Aalto University Startup Sauna, Vertical and xEdu and a Member of the Board of Readpeak. She is the co-founder of Robosauna which brings robotics workshops to adults.  She has published a business book on social media in Finland and is regular speaker and a coach in business and PR seminars in Finland and abroad. Christina was nominated TOP100 ICT influencer and visionary in Finland in 2009. Christina served five years (2009-2014) as the Chairman of MTL Communications Consultancies in Finland and acted as the Finnish representative at the ICCO Board (International Communications Consultancy Organization). Her company Netprofile Finland was nominated Agency of the Year 2012 and has won several awards in MTL Communications Awards competition as well as EMEA SABRE Award in 2013 for financial communications and a ICCO Global Award in 2015 for the best B3B campaign and 2016 for the best technology campaign.