Steaming ahead towards the next level of robotics

Steam and the wheels of a historic locomotive.


Robosteam will be a show with a point instead of being the regular trade show. Our ambition is to take the visitors and participants to the next level in robotics. But what is that level? How do we reach it?

The history of industrial automation started several decades ago, and it can provide us some insight. For instance, what is a familiar sight in a modern car manufacturing plant? A line of industrial robots that weld the chassis parts together. Similar types of robots are used widely in factories.

But what is the common factor in these robots? They are completely preprogrammed. That makes them as dumb as any old mechanical machines. They only replaced humans by their efficacy and ability to repeat a monotonous task endlessly while keeping a steady quality.

In homes, vacuum cleaning or lawn mowing robots have given consumers a hint of something more advanced. These robots can work in an environment that is completely new to them.

Now, we are living in an era of a massive breakthrough in robotics, a true robot revolution. It is the consequence from a combination of hardware, software and artificial intelligence. Robots of the next level can sense, think, and act. They learn about their environment, learn new skills, even update themselves on the go.

Robosteam provides inspiration for finding answers. The experts and enthusiasts of robotics and artificial intelligence will share their insight, visions, and great products with the 15,000 visitors at the venue.

If you want to participate with your robotic product, please, book your stand now!

Robosteam Helsinki 2017, October 10–12, in Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Center, Finland

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