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For companies developing smart drones Robosteam offers an opportunity to show them for 15,000 visitors. What else are autonomous drones capable of than delivering parcels for eCommerce?

A drone can be a life saver, when a patient arrives in a small hospital, in critical condition and showing odd symptoms. In such a situation the local first response team would be confused, and deem expert consultancy necessary. But for a reliable diagnosis experts in a major hospital need some samples.

However, the local laboratory probably lacks facilities for analyzing the samples. But there’s no need to worry. In a few minutes, the samples can be loaded to a drone, which flies away to a better laboratory.

In Switzerland, fully autonomous drones already transport laboratory samples between two hospitals. Humans only take care of loading and unloading samples at the landing pads. According to the plan, a regular service will be opened in 2018.

Drones can even save lives more directly. A Dutch engineer has created an ambulance drone that brings a defibrillator for cardiac arrest patients.

Autonomous drones outperform humans by far

The drones in the Swiss project are fully autonomous. It means they don’t require a human pilot for their missions. That makes them very cost-effective and brings about multiple other benefits.

Drones equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence can outperform humans by far. They can sense much more and more accurately than a human. Through self-learning skills and neural network technology autonomous drones can become ever more competent.

Testing autonomous drones for last mile deliveries is going on all over the world. But in the future, our city skies may be full of drones taking care of zillions of different tasks.

Drones for surveillance and mapping

In search and rescue missions drones can even trace missing persons in a dense forest. A proof-of-concept case proved that drones do not hit any obstacles. What’s more important, they could follow a forest path more successfully than humans.

In Finland, we’ve got a some very nice examples, some in production, some in prototyping mode.

Sharper Shape has developed drones for automated inspection of utilities and forests. Arctic Robotics has got drones for indoor security and maintenance purposes. Rumble Tools is developing drones capable of fighting fire or performing maintenance operations.

At Robosteam there will be a dedicated area for robotic drone technology. Have you got a drone that solves problems such as the ones described here? If yes, get in touch with us, now!

Robosteam Helsinki 2017, October 10–12, in Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Center, Finland

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