Full Robosteam ahead: Showtime in Helsinki!

At Robosteam, all steam around robots materializes. It will be a magic gathering of innovative, intelligent machines that walk, roll, fly, work, or talk.

You don’t want to miss it!

Globally, robotics raises growing attention of the public, decision makers and developers. Everyone talks of how robots will soon transform our lives, businesses and societies.

Investments in the field are huge: Last year alone, 19 billion US dollars was paid to acquire 50 robotics companies! Revenues of robotics are surging at an accelerating pace. By 2021, the value of surgical robotics market is estimated to be 20 billion dollars. No wonder intensive development is going on globally, motivated by massive benefits.

Robosteam proves that all talk around robots is not hot air – robots are something you can see, hear, smell, and feel. Now, not in ten years.

During the three days of Robosteam, manufacturers and developers exhibit their newest innovations. Robots from any range can be accepted – from robust industrial ones to those fancy humanoids for healthcare. Consumer robots are welcome, too!

Exhibitors are not bolted to their booth. They have access to the interview stand, where they can smash the audience with a captivating show. They can even arrange workshops or seminars. For instance, a deep learning seminar already scheduled is having a magnetic effect.

Who will visit Robosteam? It will attract a mixed crowd of consumers, because admission is free for the public. For companies and experts Robosteam offers plentiful opportunities for networking. There will be big players, startups, researchers, investors and C-level executives.

Robosteam takes place next to the biannual Technology Fair, gathering over 15000 visitors. Robosteam is going to be the ultimate highlight and attraction number one of the fair. The show will even reach a global audience: It is broadcast live by the Robo Channel video stream.

Robosteam is the robotics mega event you can’t afford to miss.

Tell us, how you want to participate! Get in touch now. Welcome to Helsinki!


Robosteam 10-12 October 2017 in Messukeskus Helsinki Trade and Convention Center, Finland

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